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Mission Statement:

    The mission of NetIn.com is simple:
    Provide our customers with reliable Internet services that have exceptional performance at minimal costs.

    We fully understand that this is a claim by almost all Internet Service Providers, and the claim itself does not set us apart from our competition. Here is what we are doing to accomplish our goal.

Business Strategy

  1. Be more reliable than our competition:

    We achieve network reliability by implementing a careful mixture of the world's best equipment, the latest proven technology, custom monitoring software, and redundancy. NetIn.com uses equipment from Cisco, Ascend, and 3Com, to drop a few names. While there is less expensive equipment, there is none that we know that is more reliable. We believe there is no cost savings if the circuit is dead, and choose to allocate money to the right equipment.

    NetIn.com offers support for many protocols, like ATM, Frame Relay, xDSL, and ISDN. Frame Relay is a mature, time proven, economical protocol for many applications. ISDN is a newer technology that offers money efficient services like Dial On Demand and Bandwidth On Demand). ATM and xDSL are still newer protocols that provide very cost effective solutions.

    One of the biggest reliability (and performance) problems these days is the overloading of equipment or circuits. Many ISPs overload their equipment or Internet connections in an effort to reduce costs. NetIn.com rejects this approach, as it seriously impacts reliability and performance. We believe that there are better ways of cost management, like the application of appropriate technologies. We monitor our equipment and connections so that we can be proactive if ever there are problems. We also make this information available via our web interface.

    Finally, NetIn.com is multi-homed (we have multiple connections to the Internet) with at least two access providers, Level 3 and Internap. We have backup equipment and servers to assure minimal down time. This careful attention to detail achieves the up-times beyond the ability of other ISPs.

  2. Have better performance than our competition:

    Most people would think that if they purchased even a small 28.8kbps modem connection to the Internet, that they would get that amount of throughput. Unfortunately for the users (and the industry), this is usually not true. The reason is that most ISPs are putting as many customers as they can on a peice of equipment (overloading their equipment) to be able to reduce costs. While this does reduce cost, it also kills performance.

    It might be a nice marketing ploy to say that NetIn.com has developed some high tech widget to give users better performance that other ISPs. But the simple truth is that we do the work to constantly monitor the resources that are being consumed. We do this for two reasons, first is to make sure that our equipment is in tune and running efficiently, the second reason is to make sure there are enough resources for our users. Again, this information is available on our web pages for all to see.

  3. Provide better cost control than our competition:

    The basic way that NetIn.com minimizes costs is to monitor our equipment, making sure that it is running as efficiently as possible. The second is to apply the most effective technology to the task. In this way we can provide cost effective solutions that are both reliable and provide great performance. One of our best successes in this area is the application of Linux for server based services.


    While NetIn.com has a wide selection of services that should cover the needs of most customers, there are a few services that we offer that really set us apart from other ISPs. These services are of particular value to medium and small businesses or to individuals that want to setup and run their own LAN and servers!

  1. HDLC Based T1 Circuits

    While most other ISPs provide Frame-Relay based T1 circuits, we offer HDLC based T1 circuits, which provide the highest capacity, lowest latency T1 connection to the Internet.

  2. Intrusion Prevention Systems

    Our intrusion prevention systems monitor Internet traffic and dynamically blocks hacking attempts (traffic determined to be harmfull).

  3. Routed xDSL connectivity

    By utilizing the firewall and traffic control mechanisms on the router, our routed xDSL solution offers better performance and security over the simple, non-secure, bridged solution that other ISPs use. This can only happen when all the customers on the DSL network use routers, which is what NetIn.com has deployed. Therefore our DSL network can support servers and client machines in a high performance, cost effective, secure environment.

  4. Failover capabilities to a backup line

    We can use a backup line with automatic failover capabilities to assure your connection to the Internet should your primary connection fail. Internet communications continue without interruption and without any manual intervention. This type of service allows business customers to use less expensive, but more error prone technologies in mission critical applications.

Our People

    Please note that this did not say "Our Employees". This is because we want to include our customers in this category. NetIn.com is more like a cyber neighborhood than just a service. While all of our employees are all very competent professionals, our customers often contribute to the NetIn.com effort. There is a synergy that comes from this relationship, which is what builds our cyber neighborhood. We intend to continue to foster this type of cyber neighborhood philosophy.

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