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Connectivity - T1 Services Using HDLC

HDLC is the most direct, and efficient way of using a T1 for Internet connections. This is a point to point, private connection, that directly links your location to our location (therefore this type of circuit is primarily for the Dallas, Ft. Worth and surrounding metroplex area). Because there are no extra protocols, protocol switches, or other equipment involved, an HDLC connection has the lowest latency, highest capacity, and greatest reliability of any T1 based connection.

A T1 circuit consists of 2 components for recurring charges:

  • local loop
  • Internet port

The local loop is a telco supplied set of wires and HDLC protocol that comprise the T1. The Internet port is the connection of that T1 to the Internet. When pricing T1 based services, it is important to understand what is included in the pricing and what is not (so you can compare "apples to apples").

All T1 circuits are custom circuits and require a quotation. The prices we listing in this page are ballpark prices based on averages, for the Dallas/Ft Worth (D/FW) area. Our T1 prices include the cost of the T1 local loop and the Internet port. Setup (also called install) charges are listed separately. If you do not need us to provide the T1 (maybe you have a special arrangement with a T1 provider), we could provide you with separate pricing for the Internet port.


Point to Point T1 (1.5Mbps CIR) SBC Area
  Setup Charge Monthly Charge
Month to month $600 $800
1 yr contract $450 $650
3 yr contract $400 $600


Point to Point T1 (1.5Mbps CIR) Verizon Area
  Setup Charge Monthly Charge
Month to month $800 $900
1 yr contract $650 $800
3 yr contract $600 $750

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