Changing your DNS settings in Windows:

1) From the Start button, select Settings and then select Control Panel.

2) In the Control Panel, double click on the Network icon

3) In the Network window, under the configuration tab, double click on the

TCP/IP adapter where the card name matches the type of card in your machine.

In this example, the machine has a wireless card, so that is the adapter we select.

You will choose the adapter that matches the type of card on your machine.

4) In the TCP/IP Properties window, click on the DNS configurations

tab. Remove the old IP information by clicking on the IP address and

then clicking on the "REMOVE" button. Clear both of the old addresses.

Now add the new addresses by typing the first new number in the box

and clicking "ADD". The first new IP is

Now add the second new number. The second new IP is

When you have added both IP's, click the "OK" button. You may

see additional windows asking if the change is ok. Keep clicking

"OK" through the windows until you are asked if you want to reboot.

You have to reboot before the change goes into effect