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ISDN Dial-In Accounts

There are many flavors of ISDN Dial-In Accounts that we support:

We have made an effort to simplify our pricing by offering a pricing structure independent of the method used for connection.

ISDN Dial-In Rates
tier 1 (base) tier 2 tier 3 tier 4
Hours of port service per month less than 20 less than 30 less than 40 less than 50
Cost $20.00 $30.00 $40.00 $50.00

Accessories for the ISDN Dial-In Accounts include:

The best value is to get a single static IP addr with an ISDN TA that supports the MP+ protocol, and use Two-Way-Dial-On-Demand, Bandwidth-On-Demand. With Two-Way-Dial-On-Demand service you have minimal connection time, yet you can run your own web, mail, ftp, etc. servers on your own machine!

If you want to run your own server, we want to be your ISP!

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