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Internet Connectivity - Internet Access

From Frame-Relay, ATM, T1 and multiple load balanced T1 connections, and automatic backup/failover connections, has the connectivity options you need. We primarily service the Dallas and Ft. Worth metroplex area and support a wide variety of connectivity technologies.

Our specialty is to provide affordable connectivity services that enable residential and business users to run their own servers and to connect their own local area networks to the Internet (some people call this a business class service). If you want to run your own:

  • mail servers
  • web servers
  • DNS servers
  • streaming audio/video servers
  • application/Citrix servers
  • database servers
  • proprietary application servers
  • Quake or game servers

then we want to be your ISP. Of course, we also sell these services too.

If your business needs help setting up your UNIX (including LINUX!) servers, then please see our page on consulting services.

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