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Connectivity: Backup/Failover Services

Internet Connectivity with backup/failover capability

If your business cannot afford to loose Internet connectivity, then you may need to augment your primary connection with a backup connection and failover capabilities. offers a robust, automatic, and economical backup/failover solution. This solution can be used by customers that use any of our dedicated connectivity solutions.

What this means is that if your primary connection fails, Internet traffic is rerouted over a different connection to you. For example, you could backup your DSL connection with an ISDN connection. If your DSL ever fails, then Internet traffic will automatically failover (be rerouted) across the ISDN connection. When the DSL connection is restored, then traffic will automatically be restored to it.

Our backup connection with failover service has the following features:

  • A totally automatic failover and recovery process
  • Routing to the same IP addresses used on the primary connection
  • Complete failover from primary to backup in less than 20 seconds
  • ISDN backup/failover connections are as little as $20/month

There are many different connectivity technologies you can use (T1, Frame-Relay, or ATM) for a backup connection. Please call our sales department for details.


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