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Internet connection

    NetIn.com has multiple connections to the Internet. We are multi homed with Level 3 and Internap. Our total capacity to the Internet is a full 200 mega bits per second. We maintain full BGP routing tables to assure optimal routing performance.

POP sites

    NetIn.com has 2 pop sites, one in Dallas (Southwestern Bell territory) and one in the Irving area (GTE territory). From these two sites, we can service the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex area.

Equipment - LAN, WAN, and servers

    Internally, we use Cisco and Ascend routing equipment, but support the customer's existing CPE as well. We have full and half duplex 100Mbps ethernet segments and full and half duplex 10Mbps ethernet segments. We also have both shared and switched ethernet segments.

    All our server machines are exclusively UNIX based for fast, safe, dependable operation. We do not put our customers at risk by running any machines using Microsoft operating systems. We do not allow the co-location of any Microsoft operating system based machine on our protected segments. Of course, our customers can run whatever machines they like on their network.

Software services - monitoring

    NetIn.com monitors our network and computing resources with internally written and deployed software, and externally developed and deployed services. We have web based interface for the world to view our performance and statistics. We have automated billing and have web based interface for customers to track their usage.


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