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Android MarketMileageLog by

MileageLog makes keeping your vehicle trip logs easy. Instead of capturing odometer readings, let MileageLog use the GPS in your phone to track your location and distance traveled. MileageLog reduces this task to just a few button pushes! Simple!

MileageLog also has a free demo version called MileageLogDemo by


BSBingo by

BSBingo is a rather subversive game intended to entertain people who attend boring or pretentious meetings or presentations. It is like Bingo, but played with phrases instead of letters and numbers. When the speaker has used enough buzz words to get a row, yell BULLSHIT! (or let the game do it) and see what antics ensue... It can be played single player, or multiplayer by using bluetooth.

BSBingo also has a free demo version called BSBingoDemo by


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