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NetIn.com Acceptable Usage Policy

Let me start by saying that since we started in 1995, through now (Aug. 23rd, 2005), we have never had a problem with how our users are using their accounts. Primarily, this document is for people who are considering using NetIn.com as their provider, and are wanting to know what they can or cannot do with that account.

We do not believe that we need to explicitly detail every possible situation that can be imagined and say "yes, you can do that", or "no, you cannot do that". We expect that our customers are able to distinguish between right and wrong and take responsibility for their own actions including the actions of anyone using their account.

Some specific things that NetIn.com considers to be unacceptable include:

  • spamming/bulk emailing - including sending any mail that does not have your real return address

  • harassment

  • system hacking, probing, spreading a computer virus, or any type of denial of service attack

  • Unauthorized use of copyrighted material in web sites

  • performing any commerce under the domain name of netin.com (if you want to do commerce, please register your own domain name)

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